General rules

On this page you will find the 3 general rules for your assortment. All our terms and conditions and sales rights are based on this logic.


1. Legislation

Your offer complies with local and European laws and regulations.

Think of:


2. Healthy, Safe & Ethical

Your offer will not cause any distress or damage during production or use. We believe it is important that the articles on our platform are ethically defensible. For example, we do not tolerate animal suffering, we put the safety and health of our customers above commercial interests and in some cases we anticipate legislation. For example, when an article is under discussion or when it may harm users or their environment. Unwanted items are:


3: Customer expectations

Your offer meets customer expectations. We assume that you deliver items of which the quality corresponds to the expectations you create in the store. Based on customer feedback – such as return statistics and customer questions – it is tracked to what extent your item corresponds to the expectations of customers. If there are major differences between the statistics of your article and comparable articles, this may lead to the fact that you can no longer offer the article on

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